Much more than the best roadside assistance in Switzerland.

If it remains broken down with the car

Our patrollers help you quickly and efficiently after a breakdown or accident, at any time (both in Switzerland and in Liechtenstein). In 8 out of 10 cases, the trip can be presumed after a breakdown.

If the weather is a tantrum

If due to bad weather it does not arrive at your destination as planned, we will take care of your transport costs or for the hotel.

In case of disputes with your car insurance.

We assume the costs in case of disputes with the insurance coverage related to damage to your vehicle.

If public transport leaves you in the lurch

We will assume your transport costs or for the hotel if you are unable to continue your journey the same day due to a delay or cancellation of public transport.

For the consequences of a traffic accident

If after a traffic accident as a pedestrian, cyclist or public transport user is involved in litigation, we assume your legal fees.

If you have a question about your rights

Our experts provide you with free advice and with lexCall they offer you first individual telephone information for all day-to-day legal matters.

Your advantages as a TCS member

  • – Coverage on all guided vehicles: cars, motorcycles and scooters. In 8 out of 10 cases you can continue your journey after a breakdown.
  • – Exclusive club benefits such as discounts on HRS hotel reservations or at Ticketcorner.
  • – Taking administration and direct payment – just a phone call and we take care of the rest.
  • – Favorable repairs advice – so that your vehicle is always in good hands.
  • – Discounts on driving and mobility courses on all vehicles.
  • – 10% discount on TCS campsites.

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