The construction is reinforced concrete to cope with the difficult conditions of the place. The altitude of more than a thousand meters where the station is located and the particular situation imply the fall in some moments of 2.00-3.00 meters of snow with very significant loads on the structures. In addition, cold winds and prement from the north-west blow up and very significant temperature fluctuations can occur in the summer.

The outer casing is made of BKS concrete blocks to form a tough casing compared to difficult outdoor conditions.

The interior is instead rich in soft materials such as wood to create a warm and pleasant welcoming atmosphere.

The exterior colors white green yellow of the shelter are determined by the unified standards of the Bp fuel distribution company.

All the aprons are organized according to the circulation and the parking space separated between heavy vehicles and light vehicles.

On 10 April 1987 Stalvedro officially opened its doors to motorists. The positive feedback from customers was almost immediate and after a few years the kiosk / shop was extended.

Since its opening, the number of daily customers has increased steadily, so that in August 1999 the record number of 9000 travelers per day has been reached.



In 1980 three shopkeepers from Airolo (Bruno Lombardi senior, Casimiro Altoni and Giulio Forni) presented the Stalvedro's project to the Canton, which accepted it in 1986. Architect Tita Carloni planned an essential but functional building studied also for handicapped people.
The construction was completed in 1987 and was one of the first stations with frontal arrangement of fuel distribution columns (petrol pumps). This gave rise to a t-shape of the shelter and a planimetric sequence that goes from the distribution columns to the kiosk with the boxes to the atrium of the bar and the restaurant to the servisol to the kitchens to the entrance of the goods and the exit of the residues from the back. In the central area there is an information point, while bathrooms and telephones and faxes are located on the lower floor.

This is a precise functional chain that takes place in both directions: from services to the user and the user to the removal of residues.

Stalvaredo, in order to guarantee the best services to its customers, collaborates with numerous companies in the area.
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