The TCS App: all about current traffic conditions

This app provides maps and news, with a detailed overview of the current situation of traffic and construction sites, as well as the status of Alpine passes and access to tunnels.

Infostrada in real time

More specifically, this easy-to-consult App provides, through maps and news, a detailed overview of the current situation of traffic and construction sites, as well as the status of Alpine passes and access to tunnels. The chosen information will be displayed directly on Google maps.

Park in the largest Swiss cities.

For 11 cities and 2 airports in Switzerland, the availability of parking spaces in more than 180 car parks (number of free spaces) can be consulted in real time.
You will therefore no longer have to look for a free car park when you have arrived at your destination.

NEW: Traffic flow + Webcam + Push information.

  • The traffic flow is reported in color on all the most important routes
  • Thanks to the Webcam, you can check the traffic status in real time
  • With the push news you can choose the road sections on which you want to stay up to date

My TCS – access to your TCS personal data

Members of the Swiss Touring Club can request information on their membership status. Except for Auto TCS products, all other TCS services and products (TCS Libretto ETI, TCS Legal Protection) will be visible. An example: it will be possible to find out easily when the ETI Booklet needs to be renewed.

Download for iOS
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Road information on Twitter

Currently you have the possibility to choose between 5 accounts. 3 of them inform you about the disruption to circulation on the entire motorway axis, in Italian, French and German.

If you are only interested in the main motorway axes through the Alps, you can choose the accounts for the San Gottardo and / or San Bernardino (for the moment these two last season tickets are only available in German).

How does it work?

  • If you already have a Twitter account, you only need to choose from among the 5 accounts that or those that interest you.
  • If this is not the case and if you wish to create one, then you can click on the following link:create a Twitter account

A1 Ginevra – Berna – Zurigo – St. Margrethen (330 km)

The main west-eastern motorway axis of Switzerland connects the cities of Geneva, Lausanne, Bern, Zurich and St. Gallen.
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A2 Basilea – Lucerna – San Gottardo – Chiasso (285 km)

Switzerland’s main north-south motorway is also a transit hub through the Alps.
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A3 Basilea – Zurigo – Sargans (180 km)

The A3 motorway connects the cities of Basel and Zurich to central Switzerland and allows you to quickly reach the Grisons.
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A2 San Gottardo

To know if there are columns to the tunnel portals, but also to know the road situation between Bellinzona and Altdor.
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A13 San Bernardino

The alternative to the Gotthard axis. Find out about the inconveniences along the Sargans – Chur – Bellinzona axis.
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